Sunday, May 15, 2011

How I got here

My mother taught me counted cross stitch when I was around 8 or 10 yrs. old. She would take me to a little stitching store in Occoquan,Va. I really took up the hobby with a passion when I was pregnant with my daughter 22 yrs ago. While stationed in Zweibrucken, Germany I discovered a stitching store, The Nimble Thimble, on the base in Kruetzberg. Several years went by that I was busy raising Sydney and working. When we landed in Wichita, KS in 1995 I started stitching again. I would stitch on my lunch hour at work. Several co-workers, whom are still dear friends would stitch at lunch with me. Some of them had not picked up a needle in years. One of those ladies Wendy introduced me to over one and I was HOOKED! She also told me about this fabulous stitching store that was in the heart of Wichita called Hearts Desire. She was so excited to take me the first time. I spent many Saturdays and many dollars in that shop; which is still there. You can visit their website at We started a stitching group that met once a month at one of our homes. Not completely original but we called our group Stitch-N-Bitch (S-N-B). One by one we each moved away from Wichita. Two of us ended up in Maine, my best friend Karri in 2001 and then me in 2005. The S-N-B girls have gotten together for S-N-B getaways in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Maine. We hope to add Wisconsin to the list. Soon after being in Maine together Karri and I discovered a sweet little cross stitch shop in Wiscasett, Me; The Stitcher's Corner. I have been very fortunate in my travels and relocations to have made several great friends through stitching and had such wonderful shops nearby. I am excited about sharing more of my past and current endeavors and experiences. Keep on stitching!

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