Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heading south

Will be visiting the Stitch and Frame shop in Rock
Hill, SC. I am looking forward to seeing some new display pieces in person. I have a list of fabrics I would like to pick up and some specialty threads. I don't do alot of ordering on line as I like to see the tones of threads against the fabric. No telling what other goodies I will end up with.

This is a trip to see family, but I am just as excited to visit the stitch store. My hubby surprised me with a trip to Fargo, ND one Labor Day weekend many years ago when we lived in Kansas to visit the Nordic Needle shop. He lived in North Dakota for 7yrs and wanted to take me up the; the stitch store was the bonus! I am very lucky that my husband appreciates my hobby.

I promise to have pictures in the near future. And I will continue to write as if any one is reading. :-)

Keep on stitching XxXxXx

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