Sunday, July 26, 2020

Stitch therapy continues...

Feeling good having found and still in my stitching groove. Took a quick Coffee break from Christmas At Hawk Run Hallow. It was fun stitching up this perk-fect little project. May need to do another; one for the office, one for home. ;)

Coffee Time #183

Making great progress on Block Four... but got distracted working on the snowflakes. Was having issues with my vision and white on the linen was hard to stitch.

T H E N.....
I saw Barabara Ana Designs - Light on an Instagram post. Another appropriate for the times design. Squirrel!!!!! I guess more like FOX!
SHE is sweet.

Started with her stole

Really enjoying this one.
Loving her foxy schnappy schnout! 

I haven't needed to buy floss for a long time. When I went to grab what I needed for Light I discovered DMC now has colors in single and double digit numbers now! Whoa!!

A stitchers palet....

Hope everyone is finding joy and relief in the flows of your needle and threads.

Keep on stitching!


Saundra said...

I haven't done any stitchery in years and always thought cross stitch way too tedious for me. Good for you for having the stamina, give me a wide strip of wool for hooking and I'm good to go. Happy stitching.

Jackie's Stitches said...

White is never fun for me to stitch. It shows every flaw and so hard to see on the lighter linens, Yours look really good!

marly said...

I've often wondered about the DMC sequence. Why 3000s but no 1000s or 2000s? And then the single/double digit before filling the big gaps in the three digits!

acorn hollow said...

I have not stitched in some time but have a kit ready when I am. It has been a hot summer but you have kept busy.

Prims By The Water said...

Did not realize floss came in those numbers now. Love all of your stitching projects! Janice