Friday, May 15, 2020


Two new needle minders; one for fun to remember this wacky time in history.

The other a little Siren.

Today is another gray day; perfect for stitching.

Finished Block Five

Started on Block Four last week

Made great progress on the cold days

The windows have been a "pane". Taking longer than the light bricks.

Kept the fire going for several days.... in MAY!! Might need to light another tonight. :/

A nice sunny but brisk day; let the cats come out and play.

Saturday before Mother's Day went on a snowy Jeep ride. It was a much needed escape from these four walls. It was day 54 of WFH (work from home).

Ordered Kringles by Little House Needleworks and Campfire for the brickwork. 

A few Saturdays ago I had to break out my dancing shoes! Set up my event up lights and a string of changing café lights, add a fire, turned on the tunes! Cooped up COVID backyard party! 

Put in a few plants in the boxes and pots. Trying to brighten theses dreary days!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and encouragement. Keep on stitching, keep on keeping on!


marly said...

Jeep convoy! How fun! Looks like the backyard party was too.

Prims By The Water said...

Beautiful lights. Great job on your blocks! Glad you had fun outside. Janice

acorn hollow said...

Wonderful stitching. We have been very cold and yes some snow.
You have been having some fun good to see in this time of stress

Margaret said...

Love seeing your stitching. The weather has been up and down, hasn't it? First I'm freezing in the house. Then it's time for the ac. Now I'm freezing again. lol! But that won't last -- the heat is coming! Take care.