Monday, January 19, 2015

Hooking turned Stitching weekend.

I was supposed to be attending a Hook In on Saturday. I signed up for this event in October, received two confirmation emails and paid my registration fee before the deadline....but due to unclear communications I found out last week that I was only on the alternate list. I was quite surprised and disappointed when I got the LIST email from the hostess and my name was alllllll the wayyyyyy at the bottom as the fourth alternate. I sent a very polite email to express my surprise and provided the chain of confirmation emails from the administrator that said nothing about being on the alternate list. Know what really burned my biscuits.....there were folks on this list that had not yet paid the registration fee and it was past the deadline. I received a polite apology for the misunderstanding and a promise to let me know should someone cancel. Come Wednesday I asked to be removed from the list as at this point in the week I had made other plans. I was just disappointed as I was going with the Winterport ladies I hook with. Oh well. I will see them this Saturday!

Sooooo, I spent the weekend with my GF stitchin' and 'you know what'. 
I worked on my lovely siren from Plum Street Sampler. 
Hope to get a few more stitches in today.

I hit the road early on Sunday to head home to be ahead of the nasty freezing rain predicted for our area. I was home just before 9AM and had convinced the hubby to go sledding. Its a good thing we did; the blowing rain last night washed most of the snow away!! He had gone out with his buddy on Saturday. We headed out for breakfast and where ever the trail took us. We had a gas station breakfast in Dexter and decided to keep going. We hit Dover by lunch time and turned around to head home. We had some freezing rain on the return ride and the trail was starting to get choppy. It was so much fun; I really enjoyed it.

Dexter, Maine

Ice fishing on Lake Wassookeag, Dexter

Headed North after stopping for breakfast and gas

Snowmobiles across Lake Wassoogkeag

Trail in Dover heads to Greenville

Pit Stop in Dover before heading home

Sebasticook Lake, Newport, Maine

We made it home by 1:30; in time to put Hamburger Soup in the crockpot, 
start a fire and snuggle in for the game. 

I was rooting for Green Bay but was impressed with the Seahawks turn around and win.
Congrats to the Seahawks fans!

Today I plan to get some things organized along with my regular puttering around and WILL get some stitches in. Maybe I should stitch for an hour and then putter. Yea, that sounds like a plan.

May this day remind us that each day we should strive for peace among us all.

"Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, 
but a means by which we arrive at that goal." 
- Martin Luther King Jr.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm so sorry about the hook-in. Bummer. At least you saved the day by having GF and stitchin' time.
Your ride looks fun.
Hugs :)

Ali said...

That sledging looks like soooo much fun! Sorry about the hook in and missing out with your friends kind of sours things a little when little miscommunications like that happen. Glad you could salvage the weekend though. Ali x

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Sorry about the Hook in - rude!! Looks like you had a great day anyway!! yummy soup!!

Margaret said...

What a bummer about the hook in! :( But your stitching looks great. You and your DH are really enjoying this new toy of yours! lol! Great stuff!

Barb said...

A very pretty WIP. I was in the worst ice storm of my life over 40 years ago in Brunswick Maine!

Catherine said...

I love the piece you are stitching on!! I can't tell you how much you are stirring up memories for me with your sledding! I'm kinda wishing my parents never got rid of the sleds! You may just find me at your door one day asking for a ride....hehehe...

Kaisievic said...

Despite the disappointment with the hook in, it still looks like a fab weekend.

Joy said...

What a disappointment...looks like you made the best of it. Good for you!

Chris said...

That really stinks about the hooking event. It would burn my biscuits too. You made beautiful stitching progress and had some outdoor fun too!

Anonymous said...

I do love that stitching that you turned to when the hooking fell through. (Though I do sympathize with the frustration at the hooking event being mismanaged!)

Paisley said...

Sorry your plans for the Hook-In fell through but it sounds like you had a great weekend despite everything!