Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello 2015

Another year has closed....can you believe it is 2015. WOW!! No real resolutions set this year. Always striving for improvements. The past year brought lessons of life, love and struggles but we managed through for the better of it. Many family members have said it was the worst year ever... I reflect differently on the passing of my loved ones; although my heart hurts I have taken this cycle of life to cherish all the wonderful memories of those lives. Oh, I have regrets...but I cannot not dwell on what I cannot change. But knowing they are at peace together gives me peace. There are several new lives among our family and friends and it brings joy to us as we watch these wee beings grow and make new memories to cherish.

My framer announced in December she is contiplating her retirement after the first of the year. I am  excited for her after 25 yrs in the business, 22 as an owner....but sad for myself as there is a special connection between us; as most of you stitcher's know and I hope you have that experience. When you take your lovely handwork in, there should be magic happening when finding the right mat and/ or frame for your piece. It is the final crown to bring it all to its wondrous glory. Well I've been fortunate to have that experience twice in my stitching life; first at Heart's Desire in Wichita, KS and the after trial and error searching, finding Polly Wright of FrameWright in Detroit, ME.

Not knowing this when I started my mermaid....filling in the background currently... The whole time I was stitching her I kept saying I can't wait to show this to Polly. I will be ringing her up to see if I can get this one last piece framed as I really am looking forward to her and I finding the right one for this piece. I have a tear in my eye thinking about not having that experience with her in the future.

I think I posted about her last year of how we hit it off like we had known each other for years. She is an amazing individual full of spirit and kindness. I look forward to seeing what her next adventure brings her. :) Bon chance mon ami!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my newest followers!! There are a hand full that have popped in over the last several months, my faux pas for not giving you a proper greeting. Thank you JMyers, Wagapapa, Margie, Jessica and Prairie Patch Quilts for joining Porcupine Needle.

I will be sure to share some snaps of my latest handwork adventure. I have been wanting to crochet an afghan for almost two years mother even sent me her instruction booklet from the 70's and a package of hooks. I'll share more on the inspiration and what really wowed me, learning from YouTube and my progress. It's been FUN!!!

Wishing everyone an adventurous, successful and happiest of New Year.

Keep on Stitching and Hooking.


Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Thank you for your warm welcome to my being a new follower. Such a surprise to see my name mentioned. Look forward to seeing your newest stitches. Best of luck to you in having just the right framer for your projects. Happy New Year!

Margaret said...

That's sad that you will no longer have your framer, but retirement is a good thing for her I'm sure. Happy retirement to her. I hope you find another good framer.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hope you are able to find a new framer that is good!
I, too, have recently bought supplies to crochet. There just are not enough hours in the day and all I want to do is crochet a few infinity scarves. Maybe if I got off this darned computer I'd have more time. You think?
Happy New Year.
Hugs :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wonderful advice: do not dwell on what you cannot change.

Hope you find a framer--I share your feelings about the closing of my favorite needlework shop.

Barb said...

You have a wonderful attitude and you are so right about not spending time worrying or fretting about things you can't change. I hope 2015 will be a great year for you.

Chris said...

Happy Happy New Year P.J.!
Wishing you lots of stitching/hooking time in 2015.

Anonymous said...

I am all about the mermaids lately, LOL. Happy new year!!