Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rug rescue... FERN

When my mother was up in August we had stopped in Avalon Antique Mall where I saw two old hooked rugs that I liked; one of which I really liked.  I got an antiquing itch this morning and called on my Best Girl Friend to see if she wanted to join me. It was the perfect September Sunday for a mini road trip!

We grabbed a bite to eat at Sarah's in Wiscassett so we had fuel to browse! This place is pretty big.

My mom will be pleased to know I did pick up the Fern rug. She is a bit rough for wear but I love the rich colors and the flora design. The mossy gray greens and browns with a field of reds and a smattering of orange.


I am ambitious in hopes to reproduce this pattern! 
I am thrilled that Fern was still there waiting for me.

I really do need to win the lottery so I can have more time to stitch and hook!

Hope y'all had a delightful weekend as well.



Barb said...

Antiquing in Maine-that sounds very good to me.

Margaret said...

It's a beautiful rug!!! We have eaten in Sara's a few times now. Love their food, hate their slow service.

Annette-California said...

I can see why you went back and got the rug. What a great find! I love the design and the colors are FABULOUS!
It's a pretty big rug (I clicked on the photos). This is something I would expect to see in the background for a photo cover for a lovely Fall/Winter cross stitch design - LOL. Those worn tones are so lovely especially the reds. Glad you got it and thank you for sharing with us. love Annette

Saundra said...

Very nice indeed! And frankly is in pretty good shape and was well kept with repairs being taken care of before they got out of control. Nice find.