Saturday, August 16, 2014

S is for Summer...

...sea-glass, searching, seashore, seal, soaring, seafood, seaweed, Sarah's, sharing, showers, scarecrows, spa, shark, sunscreen, sipping cider, sunshine, syrup, sweet, stitching, slices, shade....

Where has the time gone....

Want send a Thank You out to Saundra of Woodland Junction!! 
I was the lucky recipient of her give away. 
Scarecrows for my Mom... perfect timing for her visit.

My postings may be in idle mode but we have not been. We have had a fun, busy Summer.

I posted some pics of one of our earlier kayaking ventures and trip to Caribou already.  The man and I went hiking at the top end of Gulf Hagas several weeks ago.

Do you see the Cross?

Mom with her little Tootsie came to visit for a week. She came up after spending several weeks with her dad in West Virginia and taking him on a road trip to Georgia and Alabama to see family.

Libby and Tootsie...and my toes

Chewie kept a very close eye on a distance.

While she was here Tootsie got the spa treatment

My Grandpa Percy and his home grown tomatoes on the Farm in WVA

He sent some with Mom; the best tasting tomatoes EVER!

Mom also brought some Shenandoah Apple Syrup; liquid gold I tell  ya! We had some over our raspberry topped waffles.

We went to Bailey Island to hunt for sea glass on the sea shore; on our way we stopped at an antique mall and had a nice lunch at Sarah's in Wiscassett.

Getting Mom's butter pat spoon rest collection started.

We did see a harbor seal when we were walking across the historical cribstone bridge; he was a quick one...he looked like a torpedo when he caught the tide and swam through the channel back into the harbor. Mom's first seal in the wild!

A cross with a seaweed crown...

Mom found these while looking for sea glass....

Mom found the coolest soap dish; in honor of shark week for the hubby. 


We kayaked on Sebasticook Lake right here in Newport; we heard the Loons cry, saw a Blue Heron, a King Fisher and an Eagle fly overhead. A front started to move in and we had a bit of chop with whitecaps develop; it made for an adventurous workout to finish off our trek.

The next day Hubby joined us for another kayak outing up on Sebec Lake at Peaks Kenney State Park. Another BIG lake. Beautiful view of Mt Katahdin in the back ground and lined with traditional Maine camps.

More of a recreational lake, not much wild life to see; but we did see a momma Loon and her three babies. Kind of hard to see against the dark water...

The weather was spectacular while Mom was here. The rain held off until the late afternoon and evenings after we got home from gallivanting around.   

We picked from the garden...

We were even able to have a camp fire one night.

Under the full moon

On Sunday we relaxed on the back porch to stitch and hook together. 

And no visit to Maine can go without a fresh, steamed lobster dinner. 

The perfect way to wrap up a great week. 

Mom and Tootsie are safely back home in Wyoming after a three day trek back across the country.
I do cherish the time I get to see her as we live so far apart and appreciate that we can do adventurous things together.

The letter S was brought to you today by Mom and Me. ;)

Hope everyone has had a splendid summer; keep on stitching and hooking.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You've had a great summer! Those tomatoes look delicious!

KimM said...

What a delightful summer. The pictures are so great - love the furry babies….and the tomato is HUGE!!

Barb said...

What a delightful post! I loved seeing all your pictures! My sister lived in Brunswick many years ago. So your photos were like a trip down memory lane. It's great that you and your Mom got to spend time together.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

lovely summer pictures! Looks like a great time!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sounds like you are having the perfect summer! Thanks for sharing so many pictures. I enjoyed each and every one!
Hugs :)

Anonymous said...

oh man, PJ, what a tribute to summer!! Love this post!! <3

Saundra said...

Cool beach glass with the letter S, very unusual and accommodating to your post. Oh my but that was one huge and delicious looking tomato. So far, for me, the summer tomatoes I've purchased haven't been as good a crop as years past.

You're welcome on the pattern and hope you are a recipient of one of your mom's works from it.