Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thar she BLOWS!

Looky, looky what I did with my little hooky! 
Whale Done!

Whale Back

I finished The Whale today at Winterport Hookers. The ladies are so encouraging and inspiring. The hooking, beading and knitting projects today were no exception to the showcase of talent. It was a smaller group today due to the snowy days behind us and the one barreling down on us now. A predicted 14 to 20 inches tonight!! We'll see what we get. But makes for great hooking and stitching time! It was good for the soul getting to connect with the ladies on a more personal level. Many of these ladies warm my heart with their life tales, adventures and antidotes. Most endearing to be included in this circle.

I already have my next project lined up; a little 9x9 mat from Lois Roy- Olde Scotties Primitives Patterns; "Winters Day".

 An appropriate project for the BIG ONE! I am using wools from the generous hand-me-down gizzard pile

Last weekend I hung out with my GF for some good stitching, hooking, antiquing and girlfriend time. It was most needed. I worked a little on my Spanish Mystery sampler (update pics soon) and really put a dent in my whale sky. Hence why I was able to finish it up today. :) We spent Saturday hooking with a great group of ladies. Mary was a terrific hostess with a view to die for over looking Southwest Harbor. I was too stunned to take a snapshot. Maybe if we get to come back in the summer to hook on her amazing porch. She made two wonderful soups for our lunch. A four mushroom soup that was like velvety heaven in my mouth and a delicious kale and chicken sausage soup. Yum!! Or should I say slurp? These ladies are very talented; each with a unique style, and so inspiring. We even learned of a hooking retreat in Southern Maine that we plan to attend for the fall session. They even have a food drive and donations that go to the local food pantry. We really thought that was cool! I am enjoying all this exposure to such talent and creativity.

I had a marvelous find at the Creamery Antique Mall. We were just about out of the door when something caught my eye in the little case in front of the register. I spy a HOOK! Would it be considered rude to tell you I only paid $5 for this....

Isn't she perty! I put her to work that very night. I wonder what kind of rug stories she could tell. I found my hooking to be easier with this hook. As one of the ladies pointed out at the Saturday hooking, the size of the shaft makes it easier to pull the wool through the linen. And they said size doesn't matter...*snicker*.

I will share my other find when I post about my stitching progress.

When I got home Sunday afternoon I worked a little repair work on the old hit n miss rug in the hall. I used some wool from the hand-me-down gizzards; pretty good match if I do say so. In working this closely with the rug I noticed that it is not mostly wool but other blended fabric scraps.

I hope to get many loops pulled and stitches laid this long winter weekend. I have a date in early March to meet up with Patti from Stitching in Lobster Land and Barb of Mainely Stitching. I look forward to another fantastic creative Sunday with them.

 Happy Birthdays to President Washington and President Lincoln. 
Wonder what our founding fathers are thinking right about now?

Keep on stitching and hooking.


Margaret said...

Huge congratulations! I love love love your whale! You are getting to be quite the hooker! :D Great repair job too! How cool to be able to do that! I like your next project. And woo hoo on the rug hook too! It looks like a nice one!

Barb said...

Your whale project turned out just beautiful!!! I love the next project you have chosen. Great colors!

Saundra said...

The colors you chose for your whale piece are delightful!!!! And your hook was a real bargain for sure. I've purchased a couple antique hooks too, not a perty as yours, but I also had to use them as soon as getting home. I too, wondered what stories they could tell.

Nice antique rug.


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love your whale! Your next project is lovely - look forward to seeing your progress!

Peggy Lee said...

Love your whale! I am always so jealous (yes I'll admit it) when I read of a grouo of stitchers/crafters getting together. Maybe after I retire I can something like that started here!
I hope you stay cozy and warm during this awfully cold Winter. It's like we are paying for all the mild Winters we've had in the past all in one season!

Peggy Lee said... can always tell when I'm using my tablet to comment=TYPOS!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I think Washington and Lincoln are rolling over in their graves, shaking their heads and wondering what the heck has happened to this great Land of ours!
Your whale is too cute! I love it.
Your hook was a marvelous find. Lucky you!
Hugs :)

Annette-California said...

I absolutely love your whale project! WOW!!! Congrats on your finish. Great hook you picked up! All your projects are amazing.
love Annette

Chris said...

Your whale finish is wonderful!! I love your new project and the colors.
It sounds like you had great finds at the antique mall!

Kim said...

The whale turned out beautiful. I love how you hooked the sky. The new project looks fun and should reduce the gizzard pile :)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful work on your whale. Lovely new project you are starting.