Thursday, February 27, 2014

Now you see it...

Now you don't.

I had abandoned this project years ago but could not toss the material and knew some day I would use it. So last Saturday afternoon I spent three hours frogging the over one stitches. Once she was all cleaned up I was ready to get to work on a sweet freebie from The Primitive Hare- Love Never Fails.

I needed a simple piece to keep my hands busy. I needed a break from HRH and hooking. I am doing this one in honor of our 15th wedding anniversary in April. I hope to have it done by then. Hahaha. I am making a small change to customize it with our year. :)

I worked on Winter's Day the week before, while watching the Olympics. I like what I have so far.

 This is supposed to be a rug in a day project.... 
I am finding I am I am trying to go slow to get a neater loop.

 I am still working on NOT packing them in there. 
I am pleased with my improvements.

I dabbled with some painting too! It has been so long since I've put paint on canvas. 

I picked up this Warren Kimble print on wood while we were in Kansas in December. Well, I got it for a bargain as there was a strip torn in the upper left corner; the width of the top plank. It was a wedge of WHITE. I thought I would just stain it with coffee stain to brown it up but that didn't go as good as I had envisioned. THEN I remembered I had some acrylics from when my GF and I worked up some paper boxes to look old.

I just need to get some Bri-Wax to put the finishing touch to age it up. 
Turned out pretty good; if I do say so myself.

We had a tease of spring like weather this past weekend. It was in the 40's and sunny. I had the windows open to air the house out, took the dog for a walk, moved some wood and snow; taking full advantage of this small reprieve from Old Man Winter...I knew he was coming back this week. And he 0.7 degrees this morning!

Looking forward to another get together to stitch in Belfast this weekend. 
Hope everyone has a successful weekend in whatever you are doing.

Keep on stitching.


Chris said...

So glad that you had a break in the weather. It is always so nice to get outside.
That pic look amazing! I love Bassetts. That is a lot of frogging but your new start is going to be a wonderful remembrance of your anniversary. Lovely new hooking project too!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I'm a winter girl but this year.....the little break in weather made me long for spring!! This weekend we are due for more snow-seriously? Your winter house is just lovely! High five for frogging that great fabric-looking forward to seeing it done! Love the dog print!

Margaret said...

Wow, everything looks great! Love that basset hound!
Your stitching and hooking look great too!

Barb said...

What a great new hooking project! I love the little house. The stitching will make a super Anniversary project.

Suzanne said...

I have a few pieces that I really should frog and reuse the fabric. Love the hound painting.

Catherine said...

Great projects!!