Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still stitching boss, still stiching....

A play on words from one of our favorite movies; Cool Hand Luke.
I have been busy as the bees in the trees, trying to get the baby gift done.

 I am having to rework the baby's name to make it line up.
She was born on Memorial Day, a 9lb, 12oz, 22in big bundle of joy. So, so happy for my friend who is going to be the greatest mother.
((scissor swipe))

Can't wait to get this one to the framer.
Was shooting for dropping it off today, but you see that's not happening.

Tripped over a new blog, new to me, Posie Rosy Little Things, while reading y'alls blogs. Dang if I can remember which one of you (give yourself a shout out in my comments please). Alicia is very creative and that baby of hers looks like a little Nordic angel; cute as a button. While reading some of her back posts I came across her Winterwoods Sampler. Yep I ordered it; how could I not.


It is perfect to display during the fall/winter in Maine.
A very charming design.
Love the colors.

Catherine received her giveaway package yesterday! Yeah! I can post a pic of the surprise I included; a Balsam pillow I made.

Mmmmm, smells like the Maine woods.
Enjoy, Catherine!

Now some picks from my Junk Hunts lately, hahaha. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I know, I know you don't hear from me for weeks and BAM I hit you with picture overload.
You like it, I know you do. :)


A posy picked by my honey.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and week to come.
Keeping the folks in the Midwest at the tops of our minds; be safe.
Keep on stitching.


Margaret said...

Oh that baby present is going to be wonderful!!! Love the colors, perfect for a little girl! Big baby -- wow! I like that patter you picked up -- it really is perfect for your neck of the woods. Nice giveaway prize you gave! Love all your finds too.

Mii Stitch said...

Great post! I love that owl fabric!! It's a hoot x

North Country Stitcher said...

Such lovely stitching for your friend! I agree balsam pillows do smell heavenly.
Lisa M

Jan said...

The baby present is so sweet. I love your new sampler choice too. Great finds

Catherine said...

What a sweet baby project!! Love all of your goodies ~ stitching and others...
What a set post from your hubby!
Thanks again for my goodies! It has really made me want to get back to Maine for a visit!

Catherine said...

Oh ~ and Cool Hand Luke, love that movie!!

Penny said...

What a pretty gift for the new (big) baby! Love the new sampler pattern! What a cute pillow and I love your "junk" hunts! :)