Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Funny Valentine and a few finds

There is still sweetness in this world. That Peggy Lee is something else! She had asked for the Navy Girl's address a while back so that she could drop her a line or two; but what a delightful surprise it was when a sweet Valentine package arrived in her Post box.

She was tickled that they had thought of her and really went on at how it was wrapped so, she really liked the old fashion card and the yummy little chocolates. Thank you Peg and Masterchief for your kind words and support. That really struck the heart.

So after sharing in the excitement over the phone with the Navy Girl; with my heart smiling from this sweet moment, imagine my surprise when I went out to my box the same evening and found a sweet package from none other than Peggy Lee!

I got right back on the phone with the Navy Girl before I opened it. We will both cherish these darling little heart boxes that she finished so beautifully! It doesn't have to be Grandiosious to have a big impact. Thank you Peg for thinking of us.

Yesterday we actually made it; we had our girl's day out. It snowed for most of the day but the roads were clear. I took Rhonda to the Purple Cow in Fairfiled before we descended upon Fairfield Antique Mall, the largest in Maine. There are five floors of dealers. It was a great outing; I told Rhonda Derek and I usually come this time of year when we are getting cabin fever to meander around the booths. Sometimes you find something, sometimes you don't. Rhonda picked up the cutest print of pigs in a bath tub to hang in her bathroom, nope I didn't get a pic. It was adorable.

 Here's what I found:
A cute mini candle box,love the wavy paint; and a Gutermann & Co tin with the threads inside.

I picked up another fish dish to add to my collection that will be eventually be hung on the wall.
 I guess I could show you the others, if you care to see.

I know strange collection, but I think it will look great on the dining room wall. I love the large flounder plater, it is handmade and signed on the back, nobody famous, just somebody. :-)
I was tickled pink when I picked up this Puritan rug hooking frame for a SONG!
My husband said he will make me the plank that is missing in the bottom, no problem.

I will close with a progress picture of C-a-tHRH...
 not much progress, but its progress none the less.
A big how do you do to my newest followers; I make an effort to send a reply as soon as I see someone new, I hope those send a messages work. Glad to have ya stop by. Here's to a stitch filled weekend.

Keep on stitching! P.J.


Peggy Lee said... thrills my heart to know you and navy girl thought that much of such a small token. How is it that we can be so proud of that daughter of yours when we have never met her?
Hugs to you both!
Awesome finds on your day of shopping. I wonder how far that place is from Kittery?

Margaret said...

So sweet to get those gifts -- both of you getting them! And yay on your day out -- sounds wonderful! Such fun that you have a fish collection! Great find on the rug hooking frame too!

Siobhán said...

Well, that just made my heart swell, to know that Peggy did that for your daughter! How wonderful, I'm tearing up like a big baby and don't know why. It's so nice to know there are nice people out in the world, isn't it, when the news is always full of everything awful. Stitchers make such wonderful people!

Lovely stitching!