Sunday, February 10, 2013

*.*.* .*BLiZzArD NeMo 2013*. *.*.*

Although Nemo but a kibosh on my day out with Rhonda, it was a productive stitching, napping and cuddling day. We pretty much were cozy on the couch with the fire going, watching old movies and I stitched. The hound and the kitty loved snuggling up with us while the wind howled out side.

We were very fortunate;we never lost power and we have a strong wind that comes down the hill to our place so it kept the snow blown in most parts. So even though the snow accumulation was 18 inches in our part of the state we don't have much to clean up today. In southern Maine they had over 31 inches, YIKES!


A bit more progress on Block 3; looking forward to working on the fruit today.

Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday.
 To those in the harder hit areas be safe and stay warm.
Keep on stitching.


Peggy Lee said...

Stitching by the fire sounds great! Sorry you didn't get to go out with your friend.
My MIL lives in Kittery. She sure did get a lot of snow.

You are stitching that over one, aren't you? I love the colors!

Mii Stitch said...

So much snow!!! And I'm moaning when we have 10cm... :D Lovely stitching PJ, have a lovely Sunday, Mii x

Margaret said...

Sorry your plans got cancelled. I'm so glad you kept power and didn't get 30 inches like in some parts of Maine! We survived with power intact too, thank God! Love your stitchy progress. Hope you get to make that trip with Rhonda sometime.

Kimmie said...

Glad you only got the 18 inches and not more.....and power is soooo important. LOL.

It's rainy and gross in Indiana. We've hardly had any snow this season.

Laura said...

18 inches sounds like a mega amount of snow to me, and I enjoyed seeing your pictures of it. And I hope you enjoy stitching the fruit on your HRH.

Casa Pearl said...

We kept our power too thank goodness but sheesh it was getting tough to throw the snow up so high. My shoulders were really sore! Glad you weathered the storm okay.

Siobhán said...

Wow! I do miss those snow storms and the peace and calm while the snow is falling. I don't miss the driving in it quite so much! Lovely stitching!