Saturday, March 31, 2012

Under The Weather, New Followers, Count Down

Have been right straight out all week (picked that up from the locals - it works) so no time to post those pics yet. Then I caught a co-workers cold; this thing is terrible...body aches, horrible cough and sore throat. I hope to get a decent posting tomorrow.

Hellooooo to all my latest followers!!!! I try to be diligent in sending each of you a personal welcome message and hope I have not missed anyone. Here is the thing, either I really am getting old or blogger is messing with me. Yesterday it showed 38 followers, today 39; but for the life of me I can't see any new names. Sheesh. So I really hope I have not missed any one. I guess I could start a spreadsheet to track, but that sounds too much like my day job. Hahahahahaha.

And darn it, I really wanted to work on my HRH, but I don't dare work on my over one when I feel like poo. So I guess I will work on the mindless task of putting on the grassy hill on my BoaF not-so-mystery stitch. Oh I do enjoy this one, but ready to be finished.

Sheesh for not feeling well that was a decent post. My old boss used to ask me to send him a quick email, twenty words or less on an issue, I was like do you know me??? I can't say hello in twenty words or less. Hehehehe.

Off to eat some oatmeal and put in a few stitches.

Keep on stitching. P.J.

P.S. Counting down to my blogaversay, putting together a cute package that may even have a donation from my GF. I am excited!!

P.S.S. Speaking of blogger driving me crazy, I have not been changing my font back and forth, some days it is what it should be and others it is this crazy, scrolly, script that is darn near impossible to read. What the FONT!? :-)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Sunday afternoon already!!!

Wow, this weekend went by way too fast. I had a super great time with my GF Karri. We swapped goodies and her birthday gift, stitched, hit a couple of antique stores, found some treasures, made some fun, easy, great tasting meals and stitched some more. Did I mentioned we stitched.

Of course I forgot to take a progress picture of her Autumn at HRH, I mentioned it, but got carried away with our stitching and gabbing. Maybe I can have her shoot me an email with a picture. We both made some good progress on our HTH projects.

It's so nice to be able to share an extra long weekend with a best friend and really just enjoy each others company. I am so grateful for our friendship, we could have fun in a cardboard box!! Thanks K for such a fun and relaxing weekend. Your place next time!

Keep on stitching.


P.S. I'll be sure to post pictures this week of a finish, progress report and other fun stuff.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stitching Weekend!!!

I am so excited!! My GF will be arriving late this afternoon for a weekend of stitching. I plan on getting some serious progress on my HRH Christmas. And I plan to get pictures of Karri's Autumn At HRH, she is kicking butt on this project.I will also post pics of my FINISH on My Winter House, pitiful as it may be (two rows of white)I did finish it. :-)

I think I will work on my BoaF mystery, I am working on part three. I changed the flowers in the grass to our initials and have started filling in the grass. Hope to get several rows in this morning before I have to run my errands this morning.

Three day weekends can be so refreshing. It is amazing what you can accomplish with one extra day for the weekend and I feel so recharged when I head back to work on Monday.

Good friends, good food and GOOD stitching!

P.S. I will post pics of the my GF's B-day gift I bought from Carolina Stitcher, and a set for me. Too cute to pass up. Can't wait to share.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The B I G 40!

A BIG happy birthday to my hubby. He has now joined the over the hill club. It seems strange that he is now in his forties. He is four years younger in age, but many years wiser than me. I am thankful to have such a loving husband and someone who appreciates my hobby.

I remember when we were first married he used to call it my knitting, hehe, but he is a pro now. He is the one who picked out the Teresa Winztler - Fruit Bell Pull. AND he is always mapping out possible stitch stores when we travel.

He just asked me the other day when I was going to start working on the Ghost Ship, Cross-eyed Crickets Skeleton Crew. He saw that one on display on our trip to Kansas a few years ago, we stopped in to my old LNS, Heart's Desire. I also picked up Sleep Hollow by CEC too.

Not going to start those until my WIPs are done.

Happy birthday, darlin'. Sorry you have to assemble your new grill on your B-day.

P.S. Picked up a couple of things to go in my blogaversay giveaway. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Graduation Day

Just wanted send out a quick post to mark this spectacular day. Today the Navy Girl wakes up as a Seaman Recruit and will go to bed tonight as a Seaman Apprentice. She is graduating today from Navy boot camp. We are so proud. Can't wait to see her in San Antonio. I miss my Sydney hugs.

My GF and I are having a stitching weekend at my place next weekend! Cant wait to see her and i've got a few birthday goodies for her. I've been wanting to post pics, but dont want to spoil the surprise. From what I hear she is kicking butt on her Autumn HRH. Way to go. Hoping to kick it in gear and finish my second block. Right now I am putting in the grass on my BoaF mystery stitch. I made a change by adding our initials in the grass in place of the flowers, I really am pleased with it. Will post pics soon and of MY Winter House finish, yea two rows of white and she was done. Pitiful I know.

Have a great Friday! I will be celebrating when I get home tonight!!

P.S. Only 59 days until my blogaversay!

Keep on stitching. P.J.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

WIP... Not so MUCH!

WARNING: Long a** post, but lots of pictures.


Before I roll this out I would like to wish my super MIL a happy, happy birthday today.

So I was working in my stitching closet last night organizing, filing patterns, putting away floss, etc., etc., and decided to open the specially assigned drawer for my Works in Progress (WIP). Well I think whoever created the acronym WIP (hubby uses it at work too) meant that it was whooping your butt, so it weren't done yet! So I thought I would crack my WIP, so to speak. Oh boy am I behind. I can remember when I started these and what GIFT got started  or situation that deverted my attention.
And then there are some that are just plan kicking my butt and needed a Looooonnnnngggg break from. So here are some snap shots with the Ipad camera of what has been lurking in the WIP draw.  Ooo, that could be missintepreted.

Starting with the oldest.

Fruit Bell Pull - Teresa Wentzler

I have four and a half more blocks to go.
Love working on it, WHEN I am working on it.
 Lots and lots of blended colors. She will be gorgeous when she's done.

Tiny Flag - Shepard's Bush

 Picked this up on our first S-n-B trip to The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK.
Almost broke the bank that trip. Remember that girls? We were beside ourselves.
I added a new page for my S-n-B Sisters, love you girls!
Anyway, what's not finished you ask...
I need to stitch the back and have put that off as I have a fear of finishing.
Yep, I said it.
What if the machine CHEWS up my beautiful stitching and
my hand sewing is disgraceful. Again one of the traits I did NOT pick up from my mother.

Witchy Washy - Raise the Roof
(You ladies are a HOOT!)

Was still living in Kansas when I bought and started this one.
Still laugh every time I pull it out.
 Just need to finish it. Again, working it over-one.
Love the bra!

Erica Michaels - My Winter House

This pattern was a gift from my GF when she learned we would be moving to Maine (2005).
I can tell you exactly what side tracked me on this one.
In my Wrought By Me page you will see the house and tree done up in a frame for a gift exchange.
Seriously all I have left to finish is the snow on the bottom.
Guess what P.J.'s working on today.

Picked this pattern up as a souvenir at Just Cross Stitch in Limerick, PA.
We  had spent a day in Philidephia seeing the sights
while we were down for hubby's cousin's wedding at Valley Forge (2006).
My hubby is awesome! He will scope out stitching stores when we go on road trips. Even planned a roadtrip from Derby, KS to Fargo, ND with a surprise stop at The Nordic Needle. I know we can order online, but I so enjoy finding local shops on our adventures.

The Pearl Sampler - Barbara Jackson
Celebration of Needlework 2007 Class
Nashua, NH

Really enjoy pulled work.  It is a sweet project.

Quaker Motif Sewing Box

So this one was a simple pattern, but life had it's priorities.
Took two years to complete, yea really.
I added the '10 down in the crook of the branch to document it.
 So now I just need to get the gumption up to FINISH it
as the topper for the already purchased sewing box.
Where is my mother when I need her!?
 If you recall from my pin cushion post (need to learn to link) I have already stitched and finished the matching pin cushion.

Bunny Run Around - Teresa Layman

I still remember the moment I came across these little lovelies! At the Celebration of Needlework in Nashua, NH 2007. These were on display right as you walked into the shopping area. I was awe struck, but assumed it was punch needle. I was corrected by one of the ladies doing demonstrations, these are french and colonial knots, she says. I was in heaven! I have completed my first knotted rug, Bees and Trees, but Bunny Run Around is still a WIP.

Speaking of my mother, could not resist popping this in as a segway to my Two Owls Sampler.
 Mom made this when I was little, with black walnut shells, pinecones petals, acorn caps and a twig. Isn't it just the cutest thing! We do like our owls.

Ok so the year is 2009,
 but I have had this in the WIP drawer as I struggled with adding the satin stitch border.
You see, I stitched this over-one, my favorite, so the satin stitch border needed to be modified.
Then it just did not look satin-y. So last night while I was organizing, I frogged what I started and voila this cute couple is ready for a frame.
I could stitch this one again. Loved every minute of this project.

So this concludes my trip down WIP-ing Lane.
 I have been in here all morning, (7:00 pre-spring forward) down two cups of coffee and still need to make breakfast. Mind you, I pulled everything out this morning to photo and post.
 Heaven's to Murgatroyd!!  It is 10:41 spring forward time. Guess we are having brunch today.

Exit, stage left!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hellooo Stella!

Let me introduce you to our new secretary Stella. She is stunning and sexy. We went back to the Roller Rink and just could not leave her there. I wiped her down and polished her up, she is a beaut!

 I love the serpetine drawers.

She is a curvy girl. Nothing wrong with curves.

Stella showing a little leg.......

This next photo is X-rated, as Stella drops her top!!!

XTREMELY awesome!!


Gotta love those slots and drawers,
psst she even has a secret compartment... may be calling her up for a spot in their next ad.


Back to stitching stuff.... here is an update on my progress on HRH CM. Had fun putting up the fence at the Governor's Palace, but glad that is done. Just about done with the West Wing, hope to start on the main house tonight.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. I have been using my IPad camera since I ruined our digital camera (the card survived) during our trip to Prince Edward Isle in October, trying to capture this shot....

 My hubby catching his first fish (Codfish) - EVER! I got the money shot darlin!

Navy Girl Update: She earned her Marksmanship Medal this past week!! Oh we are so proud of our girl. I got to talk to her for 30 minutes Thursday night. She did not tell me if it was for 9mm or rifle or both. Details I am sure are in her letter. Just so glad to get to hear her voice.


We have family and friends in Alabama, Kansas and Kentucky; we are grateful everyone is safe. Having lived Tornado Alley for over 12 years and experienced a major tornado, our hearts go out to those who are dealing with loss and destruction from these devistating storms.

May March go out like a lamb!