Sunday, May 20, 2012

San Antonio, progress and a WINNER

First I want to send another big THANK YOU to all of my followers, now at 45; welcome Jen. Thank you for a fun filled year, it has been a pleasure meeting all of you through blogging. This is crazy cool! I have to be honest I really considered getting into blogging after wathching Julia Julia! I was like wouldn't it be cool to do that with my stitching. But, I didn't; not until my girlfriend shared with me the blogs she was reading, then it kicked in. I look forward to many more sharing moments for several more years to come. And I hope that I will be able to order a book of my blog as I have seen done on another bloggers page, great idea!

So on to mega photos. I really did keep the San Antonio photos to a few from the over 200 I took. You are welcome. :-) But I did want to share some great shots of our terrific trip to see our Navy Girl.

Me, hubby, Navy Girl, brother, sister-in-law, niece & nephew

At the ALAMO


We also went to Natural Bridge Caverns.
70* year round 99% humidity, YEP it was HUMID down there.

The River Walk is even better than when I was here in 1988 for my Air Force basic training. And that was 20 years after the 1968 Hemisfair - World's Fair held in San Antonio, the purpose behind most of the development in San Antonio. We learned quite a bit on our River Cruise that we took with hubby's Uncle and Aunt.

Here are a few shots of the River Walk I took throughout our visit.

This is the little Ampitheater on the River Walk at La Villita

They had beautiful dancers here on Cinco De Mayo, but the family was getting tired of my shutter bugitis. Just imagine girls and ladies dressed in beautiful brightly colored Spanish attire, swirling and twirling on the stage. Gorgeous, isn't it. :-)

The night of Cinco De Mayo they had a Light Art festival - Luminaria

This is The Tower of the Americas lit up.

 The lights and colors were moving and constently changing,
 it was a fun challenge to capture this.

Just some funky light art. Overall it was a cool event,
but a bit artsy and deep for me. Glad I saw it, but don't need to do it again.

Lunch with my hubby at Casa Rio on the River Walk.

I was so enamoured by this piece of art, I have many photos at different angles,
but this one was a big winner for me, with the Tower of the Americas in the background.

La Antorcha de la Amistad
(The Torch of Friendship)
Sculpted by Sebastián

Then we sprinted over to Austin to see hubby's other Aunt and Uncle.
They took us out for BBQ at The Salt Lick.
It was PERFECT; great food, great company and some after dinner live music.

 Adios from San Antonio!

Now on to some stitching updates and a Winner. But first a couple of pictures from Mother's Day.
I usually get flowers for my planters for Mother's Day; we can't plant anything until then anyway due to the cold, so it is always a perfect gift I can enjoy all summer and fall long.

And we mulched the flower beds, this is the main bed in the front yard.

And now for what you really came for, stitching updates and a WINNER.
The supsense is killing you I know. Hehehe.

The hill and most of the house

Finished the house and started on the second tree. ALMOST done.

Using the clever and Stinking Cute tool caddy my magnificent mother made I had hubby draw a name.

Drum roll please......

 And the WINNER is.........

 Peggy Lee! Of Kentucky Sampler.

I will get your package in the mail sometime this week, it may be on Saturday depending on my schedule.
Thank you to all that left such nice comments and for following me along the way.

Keep on Stitching.


BeckySC said...

WOW, you are close to a finish and it looks so good!!

dulcinella said...

Lovely pictures. Looks like you had a great time! Congrats to the winner and wishing you a lot more happy blogging years.

Ranae said...

Awesome photo's ! Thanks for sharing
Congrat! to Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful pictures and your stitching is absolutely gorgeous! Sorry if I missed it but what count are you stitching this one on? I really like the colors too.

We are proud of your daughter too! Of course we might be just a little bit biased...just a *little* bit.

When I saw that I had won your giveaway my son and husband thought I had lost my mind. I squeeled "I won, I won!" Thank you so much!

Margaret said...

Fun pictures! Your WIP is gorgeous! I love the house! Congrats to the winner too!

Catherine said...

San Antonio looks like a great place to visit ~ I have ever been! Congrats and best wishes to your daughter!! And, yay for Peggy Lee!!

Penny said...

I really enjoyed the pictures! It looks like a beautiful place to visit. And most importantly, it looks like everyone had a great time. Your stitching is looking great! And congratulations to Peggy Lee! :)