Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fiber Run and a Ship Hooked Rug Rescue

So Saturday we made a fiber run to Stitcher's Corner in Wiscasett. I had run out of WDW Bark and I needed it to finish the BoaF Mystery stitch. I am so close, working on the bird, then two sheep to go.

 Sorry for the poor lighting, Daylites good for stitching not for photos.

Any how we forgot our Maine Gazette map, lesson learned, NEVER leave the house with out it. They have a saying in Maine, I say they as we are from away, but THEY say,"You can't get there from here." It took me a few years to really understand the true meaning. Nothing is a straight shot in Maine except maybe I-95. Well, we do get around really well, with a map, and thought we could get there from here. NOPE. After an illegal u-turn just after a round-a-bout before a bridge and punching it to 45 in a 25 zone to keep ahead of traffic, to be pulled over by a city cop, who confirmed that my directions were right, whew no ticket, we still took a wrong turn and went an hour out of the way (so easy to do)we finally made it to the stitch store. I got my one skein of floss (did not want to wait for the mail), picked up a few patterns and off we head towards home. So what was to be "a get there by 10:00 when she opened, hit the hardware store on the way back to be home by Noonish" turned into got home around 3:30.

On our way home we visited a new junk/antique store near Augusta and saw this beauty. Love the details! I was surprised at the $20 price, WAAHAT! Really? After some discussion of need vs want we left without a purchase.

I dreamt about this piece and woke up the next morning mulling over coffee about the treasure this was and how did I pass that up for $20. So back we went, gotta love my hubby, he puts up with my craziness. It gets funnier as the weekend goes on. So back to the Augasta area we go again. We arrive to head straight up stairs, she is still there, right back to the register, no dilly dallying. Five minutes in, buy, out; bada bing, bada boom.

Now I have tried to research the Stratton table model folding rug frame, as it is printed on the base, to no avail. But still think it is cool. The project is almost complete as I found it, just need to finish the sky background. The strips are very, very skinny and hooked on what I believe is monk cloth(from what I have learned through research). It has the initials OS in the lower left corner, no date.

Calling on all Hookers, does any one recognize the pattern? Fortunately the heart of the design is done. Now the fun begins; trying to match as close as possible the soft colors of cream, rose and blues to fill in the sky. I look forward to finishing this beauty and hope I can do well by the original craftswoman and hook as well as she did. I am STOKED. I will be hauling this with me when I spend a stitching weekend with my girlfriend near the end of June. She is taking me to a local rug hook store, as I had wanted to get another project after I had finished the Blueberries beginner project; I posted pics awhile back. Looks like I got one.

So the rest of the weekend story; we had planned on some home improvement projects and did lay down the entry tiles as planned and I stained the trim to finish out the hearth. See below.

As my husband was surfing Uncle Henry's on my pad for something other than a garage door he found, you guessed it, a garage door still in the box for more than half off the original cost.

He got the call back and got directions....Seriously right back to RT 17 where we were on Saturday and Sunday, now Monday. So hubby did not think it so crazy for my return trip as we climbed back in the truck to now head back for his find. :-) Not sure when we will be installing it, that is another project on the list.

So as we work in the yard and garden, tackle home improvement projects and just plain enjoy the sunny outdoors my stitching may slow down. But as soon as I finish BoaF I have got to get my needle in gear on my HRH Christmas. That came to a screeching halt when I got sick the first time. Now that I am getting my mojo back it will be the only thing I am working on for a while. I got some catching up to do as I know Karri is kicking my butt on her HRH Autum for our SAL. Hope to have a progress pictures of that soon.

I look forward to hearing from you all. If anyone has ideas or suggestions on the rug please post. I know there are hooking experts out there among you, would love to hear from you.

Keep on stitching.


Catherine said...

You are almost there with your Mystery Sampler!!!
Wish I could help you with info on your find, sorry. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out!

Peggy Lee said...

Your traveling techniques sound so much like ME! I can't get to the same place twice...ever! Masterchief thinks I'm nuts. Thank God for all these newfangled navigational devices nowadays.

While reading your post I thought, "oh no girl, you MUST go back and get that"...and you did. WHEW! Great find. Sorry I can't help you with any info on it but I'm sure somebody out there will be able to help you.

That garage door is gorgeous! Good work hubby!

natalyK said...

Love the shop in Wiscasset!! We can't go there without grabbing lunch at Red's. I am glad she had the thread you needed. I look forward to seeing your finish.

Rugs and Pugs said...

P.J. ~
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated :)
I LOVE that sampler you are working on!!! It has been decades since I stitched a large sampler. I'd love to finish some old WIPs, but there just aren't enough hours in the day.
Thanks for taking us on your adventure! I am so happy you went back for the rug. I always say need has nothing to do with! I can't give you any insight, but good luck to you.
Pug hugs :)