Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elfing around

Just a quick post as I am trying to squeeze in holiday primping and prepping. This year has caught me with my long johns down! I still need to get my cards sent and doing the shopping for our parents.

I have been so stretched and worn out from work lately that I had not been stitching too much. But I am happy to say that I finally finished the border, part I of the BoaF mystery stitch. I started on the tree trunk on part II. When I get some more stitched I will post some progress pics. I also put some decent progress on my big Santa project. Hope to get more done on that too. Stressing over gift projects for several babies are due to join this world after the first of the year. Need to decide what I am going to do and get cracking on those.

Getting anxious about getting my first Hawk Run Hollow project started the first of the year. This shall be an interesting adventure with my girl friend. She will be working on the Autumn pattern and I am working on the Christmas.

Need to get some online shopping done and start those cards.

Keep on stitching. P.J.

P.s. I need to work on attracting more followers. Following several blogs and leaving posts. Guess I need to mention my blog in my comments more often. Any suggestions?


Jackie said...

I'd lov to see the fabric and fibers you'll be using for CaHRH.
In terms of generating more followers, it just takes time. Comment often on other blogs and post regularly. It'll happen!

P.J. said...

I will post my material and floss. I do plan on using DMC, the silks are a bit pricey for me on such a large project.

Siobhan said...

It's hard at this time of year to make much progress on stitching goals--so many other things to do. I can't wait to see your pictures!

Generally, if you go to other blogs and comment, you don't really need to leave your blog address since it's in your profile--they should be able to click on your name and follow the link back to your blog. Same with following--follow people that you want to follow and most reciprocate. I try to do that with my blog but noticed that recently it's messed up--I am seeing people that I know have been following me for awhile as new, so I'm probably missing new people. Generally, though--comment on blogs and you'll build up a following, both in comments and in followers.

dixiesamplar said...

Hi PJ...thank you for commenting on my blog and entering my giveaway! It is always so nice to find new blogs and yours is lovely...I'll be following your progress.

Welcome to our wonderful stitching community!!

Peggy Lee said...

Hi PJ! Welcome to blogland.
Caught with your long johns down....that's too funny!

I usually try to reply to a few of the commenters by just hitting "reply" to their comments as they come in to my email. I tried that with yours a week or so ago but you have it set to "no-reply" so I had to click on your name and find out if you had a blog and where it was.
Anyway...your blog is a joy to read. You'll have more followers before you know it!