Saturday, December 31, 2011

COUNTing down to 2012

Hope this New Year's Eve finds everyone well! It has been a busy and exciting year for me. I started this blog this year and I have thoroughly enjoy reading other's blogs; gaining info and inspiration. As I look towards 2012 I can't help but get giddy about my stitch-a-thon, if you will, with my girlfriend Karri! Ready, set, STITCH! Tomorrow we both begin a Hawk Run Hollow project; I am working on the Christmas pattern and she, of course, will be working on Autumn.

Also on my 2012 list of things to do is finish up any existing WIPs! Oh yeah I said it, now can I do it? I will have you know, I have two monstrous projects looming over me, one you've seen in recent postings, my St.Nick and wait for it...Teresa Wentzler's Fruit Bell Pull. I am proud to say I have two blocks completed. From eight years ago. I will post pics soon. Then I have a few modest projects in the wings. I am also aspiring to work some Christmas ornaments in the in between for next holidays gift giving. I am setting a goal that my gifts will be hand or homemade in some way next year, minimizing the retail expenditures.

My ultimate goal will be to put a list of future projects together and stick to a bit of a schedule, with the occasional unexpected projects such as wedding and baby gifts. Oh and the traditional resolution of getting back into shape for a healthier me!

Thank you to my followers, this has been an exciting new experience! I appreciate the encouragement and advise as I stitch my way through the blog world. Look forward to what you all have to share in the new year.

Many happy returns in the new year! Keep on stitching.


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