Sunday, April 21, 2013

A WOOL of a good time

Another Saturday spent with the wonderful Winterport Hookers.

I truly appreciate the grace and talent these ladies possess. I am tickled to have been given the opportunity to join them for their Saturday gatherings. We had a splendid potluck lunch with kale & rigatoni soup, quiche, potato salad, green salad with cranberries & mandarin oranges, and tortellini & spinach salad. For desert there was a pineapple cake straight from heavens clouds!! Oh, was it ever so light, refreshing and just down right delicious.

Kathleen was working on her Drawn Thread Little Spot Sampler. I enjoyed helping her with the Algerian eyes; once she found her rhythm she was on her way.

I got the basic outline of my sky area hooked and sought the advice of several of the ladies on how I should work my sky. I left the creative hooking for when I got home. I get into deep thought working my colors out; hard to do that when I am merrily chatting away.

I did however ask the ladies if I could take pictures of their finery and share it on my blog. I am pleased to be able to share their talent with you, my dear blogging friends.

Let the talent show begin:
Sandra's finished rug 

Joan's finished runner

Sherillee's hooking zone

 Creativity in progress (her own design from a photo)
Sherillee's rug
Sandra's bunny pillow - adding the finish
Sandra's bunnies & strawberries penny rug...starting to see a theme here. :)
Debbie's rug (colors more vibrant in person)
Carol's rug
Martha's Irish cottage (from a photo she took on her trip)
 Joan's Big Apple
Thank you ladies for sharing your talent!

After hooking I went down the road to Hampden to stop in at The Keeping Room. I know I was waiting for Karri's next visit to go, BUT I was right there. How can a girl resist. Besides I wanted to pick up a little something for her and Kathleen for our get together next weekend. What a sweet shop!! A nice blend of antiques with wools for hooking and penny rugs. Tony, the proprietor, is very talented in her rug designs, hooking and even makes custom lamp shades. Wow! So you know I picked up a few goodies, mine I will share; have to wait to see what I got the girls for next time. :)

A rack, renderings and some wool

And a wrap up with a progress picture of Jack.

Keep on stitching and hooking.
P.S. Hope that was not too much on the photo overload; but ain't that why we come here.
P.S.S This is my 123 post. :)


Margaret said...

I enjoyed all the pictures of the pretties! Lovely work by all the women. And love your snowman too!

CalamityJr said...

Definitely not too many photos. What wonderful projects are the ladies have going on!

Suzanne said...

Such great photos! I enjoyed seeing all the photos of those ladies' lovely work.