Saturday, June 4, 2011

Return from the south with stash in hand

We had a great time with family; including the surprise party for the husband's 80 year old grand mother. My mother-in-law(MIL) and I spent a girls day out at the stitch store, lunch at a quaint little tea room and a few other stores. I was thrilled, of course, to be visiting the Stitch and Frame in Rock Hill, SC. My main goal was to pick up some fabric for a few special projects.

The projects I got the "fixins" for are Plum Street Samplers - Salem Sisters & Salem Sister II, Shakespeare's Peddler - A Weary World Rejoices and the Forthmann 1880 Sampler as adapted by Robin Laukhuf. This sampler was found in the July 2007 Cross-stitch & Needlework magazine. My MIL and I hand picked the floss for the Forthmann sampler. I am really looking forward to working this one! Again once I get the picture thing figured out I will post a pic of the fabric and floss with the pattern. My girlfriend has stitched both of the Salem Sisters and a fine job she did, over one. I just love over one!

I picked up another needle minder from Kelmscott, I got the crow w/ stars, a thread picker ( a needle w/ a nice beaded tail) from My Big Toe Designs, they have website of the same name and of course a few new patterns. I also wanted to get the crown needle minder as a souvenir from Charlotte, the Queen's city; my MIL bought it for me. She is too sweet. I am a very lucky woman; my husband's family is so loving and kind hearted. Not only do I have a wonderful MIL she is a great friend as well.

I picked up Little House Needleworks- Home of a Needleworker which I plan to do over one. Jennie Bean's pin cushion pattern and the wooden box for it to go in. I was really drawn to Blackbird Designs - Winter Wonderland. This made me think of our home here in Maine. Our house is white with a burgundy door and we have black birds, squirrels, deer, foxes and turkeys that make their way through our yard and the field out back. Granted the pattern has geese vs turkeys but still. I do like the star patterns on the roof and the colors are very cheery.

I have really gotten into samplers and I saw the sampler The Simple Gifts: Hope by Praiseworthy Stitches; I know just where this will be hung once it is stitched and framed. I picked up The Witching Hour by The Primitive Needle. I will miss the works of Lisa Roswell, she will live on through our stitching. The last pattern I picked up was from Homespun Elegance Ltd - The Ferry Farm Cherry Sampler. I have a liking for things linked to the colonies and our early Presidents. Growing up in Virginia I visited several of the colonial plantations and other historical sites. I guess some of these patterns make me think of those places. I am by no means a history buff, but growing up just out side of D.C. and just down the road a piece from Mt. Vernon (George Washington) and Gunston Hall (George Mason) I learned to appreciate the history of early America.

My MIL picked up a couple of patterns herself; two from Lizzie Kate - Time for God #141 and It's a Jingle Out There. That one made me chuckle, may have to stitch that one up for the office.

I don't usually buy store models just because I love to stitch the darn things myself, but I could not pass up buying the Carriage House Samplings- Spot the Horse model that Stitch and Frame had on sale. I always liked the pattern and had planned to add it to my collection, but considering that Karen has retired again from cross stitch designing I figured I probably would not be able find it now. Besides it was framed so well by the ladies at Stitch and Frame. One of the ladies in the back called out to ask if Spot was going home and I assured her he was going to a good home. Right now he is hanging at the landing of my stairs but will find his way to the "stitching room" when the daughter moves out. :-)

I need to get a few stitches in tonight. BTW I am on the final page of the Down on the Farm Baby book. But tonight I am working on Jennie Bean's pin cushion, a little guilty pleasure. Just don't tell the three other works in progress (WIPS).

Keep on stitching!


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