Thursday, August 24, 2023

Oh how the world turns...

 It's been a time since I was on my blog. I sure do miss this space.  Straight forward journaling of my musings; photos, stitching, rug hooking,  cooking, hiking, other adventures.  I've created a separate Instagram for Porcupine Needle to share all the stitchy stuffs. I see a few of my old Blog friends over there and bunches of new ones.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Purchased the complete kit for my Unicorn this summer. Will have a start on 9/11 ♡

We lost our sweet little Basil this spring.  He was 30 yrs old. I had purchased two CHS bird projects in the past as they made me think of him. Well I pulled this one out to creat a memorial piece for him and my maternal side of the family, as we also lost my oldest first cousin this year.

Lots of projects under my needle of late. But too wore out from work tonight, so cruising other folks works for mindless joy!

Keep on stitching!


Saturday, December 5, 2020

May your spirits be Merry and Bright

 A quick Catch up....

I only have a few Holiday/Winter stitches around the house. Currently three large ones in progress; Christmas Wishes - Bucilla, Christmas at Hawk Run Hallow - Carriage Hoese Samplings and Season's Greetings - Prairie Schooler. 

And two I keep contemplating a start - Baby It's Cold Outside and Yukon's Christmas List; both by Heartstring Samplery. Enjoying the seasonal stitches. Finding peace, calm and solace with my needle and thread.

My mom stitched this one several years ago ♡

The Snowman tray was a Goodwill find!!! A few years back.
And I hooked Winter's  Day.

I've really been hanging out on Instagram; quick posts. But missing the stitching/hooking blog community. 

Process shots of my big Christmas stitches in the works....

And why I'm migrating to Instagram!! Spent 45 minutes already and my pictures just drop willy-nilly after only selecting the first three I wanted to add. Uggg. Blogging used to be enjoyable. 

Sooooo this may be my last post for 2020.
Current progress of Christmas Wishes - Bucilla 
I started this beautiful piece nearly 20 yrs ago! Going to finish it.

Working on Block Seven Christmas At Hawk Run Hallow 

This was were I left off when it got tucked away the ladt time I worked on it, at least 8 yrs ago

Spent a fabulous weekend with girlfriend friends in a Yurt... can't remember if I had posted. The Yurt Girls will be going back in February for a snowshoe weekend. 

My needle has been busy...
Finished Plum Street Samplers HallowEden

Started a very special project for a friend.

Got some framing back!!!! Some of these are OLD pieces finished years ago!!! And some I just recently stitched.

Finished Carriage House Samplings - Alley Cat with adjustment to match Ripley. Our Halloween rescue kitty, found in our bushes Halloween weekend last year. ♡

Yurt coffee on the camp stove!!

Getting started again.

The Halls have been Decked around A Stone's Throw. 
Keeping our spirits bright!!

May you never be too grown up to search the skies Christmas Eve. ♡

They are HARD workers!!

We are forecasted 10-15 inches tonight through tomorrow!!!

A happy and healthy holiday and hope for a NEW year!!! Peace to you all.

Keep on stitching and hooking. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hello September!

 And new blogger! My how time flies! August was a whirlwind month for me. I flew to Wyoming to help my mom as she was going to have shoulder surgery; was scheduled to be out there four weeks. She canceled her procedure and I came back to Maine after a week. She's feeling good she says and didn't want to chance surgery and recovery. Sooo, I came home and enjoyed some Jeep therapy and continue to stitch Light by Barbara Ann Designs. 

The time I got to spend out in WY with mom was filled with fun adventures, amazing landscape, seeing the town of Kemmerer(Home of JC Penny's), Fossil Butte National Monument, meeting Ellie Mae, cooking together, laughter, emotions - mother/daughter stuff.

My afternoon office mate as was still working - remotely 

 (Heaven help me with the new blogger format.... can't rearrange my pictures after they saved out of order ;/ )
In reverse....
The humpf look after I wouldn't share mine
The you wanna share stare...

The ooooh I like ice cream look

After she finished hers

Anxiously awaiting her doggie cone

You can see forever out there

Windy selfie with Ellie Mae

Beautiful vistas

Fossel Butte

Old box cars that are being scrapped, down Skull Point Rd. Enjoyed the art of the graffiti. 

Ellie Mae is the co-pilot... i was in her seat. Moose is the navigator.

Mom showed me Devil's Slide on the way from Salt Lake City to her home.

We both noticed the big white rock just hanging out... some spring melt it will come sliding down.

Valet service at the Airport

Back in Maine.... spied this Eagelet and mature adult, hanging out at the lake. Just down the dirt road from the house.

Two days of Jeep trail riding!!

Fun on the wet trails, much needed rain kept the dust down!

Picked up a couple items at the junk shop up north in Abbott. A tolle painted tin from the Arlene Clinkman Studio, Marblehead,  Mass. And a signed handmade basket.

I worked on my little foxy lady during my travels

Had a boo-boo that I made up for in her hem.

Hubby brought in the first leaf of fall.

Reawakening my Jericho Rose, sending out the good vibes. Especially to those impacted by Hurricane Laura. My brother and his family have significant damage to their home and property.  Will be a very long process for recovery and restoration.  

Today at lunch progress (its taken me two days to post this!!!!)

While I slaved away upstairs on monthly reports... napping kit-kats

Old Barn and Lace ♡♡♡♡♡

Cat bird seat, sunshine and bird feeder in view

She's so stinking cute!!

Morning sunbathing

Chewie catching the morning sun in the bathroom window.

Princess poo-poo lap cat

And Chewie napping as I slave away on reports. ♡♡♡

Sorry for the long post, lots of pictures and scrambled at that. Got a few hikes coming  up AND the long awaited, rescheduled, post-poned Stitch-n-Bitch weekend with my BFF. Cross-stitch, rug hooking and quality girlfriend time. 

Making the best of these crazy times, helping where we can, 
finding simple joys around us.

Keep on stitching and hooking.