Sunday, July 28, 2013

Raspberries and watermelon

I had a wonderful two hour visit with my friend Polly. She had coffee ready for me when I arrived at 9AM and we caught up on our goings ons while we picked out mats and frames. She has such a lovely shop and she is such a lovely person.

I had a clear idea of what I wanted for Johnny Appleseed; simple frame, no mat. Polly started pulling burled wood frames and we came across a natural looks like the gnarly branches of an apple tree. Perfect! Easy, done. I also had somewhat of an idea on the owls, well only half idea; I knew I wanted blue mat. It did not take us too long after we found the right shade of blue to pick an elegant frame. Can't wait to see them in all their finery!

The gifts on the other hand not so easy. That portly sheep brought us the most challenge. Blue mat, black needs something about a double mat with purple as the accent... Yeah, no, not quiet it. I wont drag you through the hour of picking and choosing. But when we found the right combo it WORK! Kinda jealous this one going to be a gift. I have a halloween project that will be perfect for that frame.

The pram was also a bit challenging. I wanted to keep it woodsy as the parents went with a woodland theme with pink camo. We tried some pink but it was better with the khaki and leaving the pink to the project. I am looking forward to giving this one to my friend for her precious Emma.

I worked up a good appetite so I rang my husband, who was out running his own errands, to meet up at the Dog House; a little roadside eatery. I had the lobster roll, he had a cheeseburger and we shared cheesy fries.

It was a beautiful day!


After mowing our little plot of land I got busy in the kitchen to make up some raspberry jam. Granted we have small hedge row, but it was still worth the time to make up these little gems.


This will go great on those skillet biscuits this winter.

Then I sat a spell on the back deck with the hound and cat(on her harness) enjoying the perfect weather.

I finished putting the seeds on my Wee Watermelon.
 It is done.

These little successful finishes is a boost to my stiching Mojo. But it is a challenge to stitch in the summer when I enjoy working and playing outdoors.

Speaking of playing...we've been invited to join in a rafting adventure in two weeks at The Forks on the Kennebec River. I am excited.

Hope you have a splendid Sunday in your neck of the woods.
Looks like today will be as nice as yesterday.
Keep on stitching!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heigh-ho the Dairy-oh...

...a framing we will go!!

These little lovelies are pressed and ready to be dressed! I have an appointment with my friendly, framer Polly this morning. I am thrilled to get two gifts finished and two projects for myself.




I will be sure to share the final finish. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.
Keep on stitching.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Rays....

Watermelon Days....

It has been a sultry two weeks!!
Check out these sunset and sunrise snaps. You can definitely see the steamy air in that first one. Smokin!



A big storm blew through Friday night; seriously nasty wind, rain and lightening. We were without power from 9:45pm until around 3:00pm Saturday afternoon. We hooked up the generator in the morning to keep the fridge and freezer running and had a house fan going to keep it some what cool. Mid-day we met up with my friend from work at her grandmother's camp on Sebasticook Lake. It was so nice of them to have us over with her family. She is on maternity leave; so I got to see that precious baby girl of hers.

I got some stitching done on my Wee Watermelon Saturday morning and I finished the baby buggy (gift for the new mommy) on Thursday night. Hoping to get that to the Framer yesterday but I did not get it ironed before we lost power.
Next weekend.

Finally some cooler temps last night and today. I worked in the yard all day today; mowing, picking up branches, trimming and tending the garden. It was calming to my soul listening to the little pie tins clanking in the breeze as I picked raspberries. It just made me feel grounded. Simple pleasures bring a smile to my face and warms my heart more and more of late.

Fresh raspberries and rhubarb.
 I cut up and sugared eight quarts of rhubarb.
It will be great to be able whip up some rhubarb crisp this winter.

The husband and I went on a great hike last Saturday at Gulf Hagas. Beautiful and rugged. I will share a few of the scenic waterfalls and some of the cool fungus we came across on the trails. We did the lower half of the full trail. It was 6.2 miles round trip. Planning on doing the upper half sometime before summer/fall is over.

Katadin Iron Works

We had to cross this river ^ and this creek

swimming hole at Screw Auger Falls

Screw Auger Falls

My man at The Jaw

continue of The Jaw

This is a pool just above the edge from where the below picture was taken.
I am calling it The Mermaid Pool. The light was shimmering all over the rocks and moss; very mystical...

Buttermilk Falls... I took a cool dip in this pool. Glacial dip more like it!!

On the way back... we made it Babe!!

We both thoroughly enjoy our vacation with the Navy Girl and had never felt more relaxed and joyful in a long time. We have challenged ourselves to continue to find peace and happiness in our busy, hectic work days. We are making sure we are doing things that we want to do such as getting back to hiking to enjoy the wonders of nature. Tending the garden brings us both great personal satisfaction as we enjoy the harvest of our work. We have a kayak outing or two on the list as well. We both have been working WAY to hard and life is just too short to not make the time for quality time for our personal well being.

**** speaking of well being ****

The Husband and the Hound insisted on an after dinner walk tonight. The weather is finally decent to go on an evening walk. And the perfect way to end this adventurous and enjoyable weekend. On our way back a porcupine crossed the road up ahead of us. Once it spotted us it trotted up the road a ways before cutting into the woods. They are so a distance.

What better way to close out Porcupine Needle's post with a sighting of the critter itself. :)

Here is hoping that you all are finding time for your own well being.

A big HOWDY to my newest follower, Anne.
Thanks to all who stop by; your comments are always welcome! :)

Keep on stitching.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Pride and Joy.......part III

On our return leg of the trip we spent the afternoon with the Navy Girl giving us a bit of a tour and then dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant.

From our Navy Girl we learned:

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) is the oldest (230 years) facility that belongs to the U.S Navy; established in 1767. I did get a picture of the original gate from the inside...

There have been four flags flown over NNSY. The first being Britain who established the shipyard, until 1775; then the United States, in 1871 the Common Wealth of Virginia hoisted their flag for a week. In 1872 the Confederate Navy claimed the shipyard; the United States reclaimed the shipyard within the year and Old Glory has been waving ever since.

Hammerhead....this crane is HUGE! Erected in 1960 it is 260 feet tall.

Ships in port for Maintenance; she pointed out the Do Not Tread On Me on the bow of the ship. You may not be able to see it...but it's there.


Many of the original buildings still stand...very cool.

The Tar House is one of the oldest buildings; it was used to make...wait for it ... TAR pitch. Now used as a gift shop across from Trophy Park.



The Navy Girl said she should know more about the different buildings, but we were impressed by what she knows from the short time she has been there.

I kept my pictures limited...last but not least the Navy Girl's office, where she parks her ride and rests her head.

We are so proud! Thank you for the tour Punky!
Love and Hugs
Thank you to all my readers and for leaving comments.
 Welcome to my newest followers; Marsha and Meggie!!

P.S. I will be sure to post some stitching pictures in my next post...hoping to have wee watermelon done and show you the MT Vernon project I picked up. And maybe some of the stash I ordered will be in. Gotta love a sale, thanks Sampler Girl. :)